ATTENTION: Men and women of ANY age who want to quickly burn off stubborn belly fat and get a stronger core—without killing yourself in the gym for hours I have something for you…

Train your abs faster
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If you’re someone who wants a flatter stomach, stronger core and ripped abs, but you weren’t blessed with amazing “genetics”, then this may be the most important message you read all year long.

I am Jeremy Scott and I have helped thousands of people over the past 10 years transform their health, habits and happiness through proper fitness & nutrition coaching. I created this 28-Day ABS Challenge to help you STOP wasting time in the gym, and make sure you start seeing RESULTS while having a fun time doing it.

You’re probably like many of the men and women I have helped transform over the years:

smredcheck You are a busy professional, a busy parent, or you are both and have struggled to find to time to eat right & workout consistently


You want to lose inches & those love handles so you can finally fit comfortably into your pants


You want to have a flatter stomach & more definition in your abs when you look in the mirror or get into a swimsuit


You want to have a stronger core so you can move around injury free


Above all else you want a solution that will bring you noticeable RESULTS WITHOUT spending hours in the gym doing insanely long workouts.

I have some great news you are in the right place. I am not just going to give you hope, but I will guarantee you will lose body fat, shrink your waistline, and have more defined abs.

Now I am not giving you a magic pill or promising you cover model abs in a month; this program required 100% adherence, effort, and dedication for all 28 days.

The reality…

If you don’t do the workouts – YOU WON’T SEE RESULTS.

If you don’t follow the nutrition advice – YOU WON’T SEE RESULTS.

If you don’t give your best effort – YOU WON’T SEE RESULTS.

But, if you are serious about being active everyday for 28 days, following our macronutrient fat loss nutrition program you can and WILL see amazing results just like the men & women I have already transformed.


Jeremy Scott


Our program works if you put in the work it’s really that simple.

Years ago I was like 99% of the “average” population, training my core ALL WRONG in hopes of finding results. I was doing hours of endless crunches, sit-ups, and “thinking” I was eating the right way for my abs to show.

After training busy adults for over 10 years now, as well as training myself for nearly two decades, I have abs training figured out. I have studied, tested, tweaked and consulted with the best fitness professional in the world, to bring you the best possible solution for busy adults looking to get a leaner, stronger core.

So take what we cover below seriously and take the 28-Day ABS Challenge with us today!


34 ABS Challenge HD Workout Videos

  • You simply click, play and stream these videos from any smart phone, tablet, PC and get working.
  • Full 28 Day ABS Clickable Guide – Starting on Day 1 through Day 28 just click along day-by-day and get your daily abs session in.
  • Various ABS Training protocols – supersets, tri-sets, AMRAP, EMOM, time intervals, eccentric, concentric holding patterns and many more.
  • Over 60 Different ABS Exercises to keep your training fun and entertaining.

Nutrition Guide

  • Grocery Store Guide to make shopping for your fat burning foods quick, simple, and easy
  • Nutrition Label education - we walk you through how to quickly breakdown the confusing labels you see, how to spot what you look for and what to avoid when eating out.
  • Macro Guidelines – we show you how to calculate your macros based on your bodyweight, your activity level, and your goals. This is a crucial part of the fat loss process; we educate you on how to eat right for results.

Continuing Education & Motivation

    • - During the course of your 28-Day ABS Challenge will supply you weekly with continuing education and motivation.
    • - We will send you weekly check-in messages, progress notes, and information on fitness/nutrition to help you get most out of your challenge.
    • - As an added bonus we will invite you to join our athletes group on Facebook where we stream content, videos, and special deals for our in-person and online coaching clients.

    BONUS – Advanced ABS Workouts

      • 6 BONUS Advanced ABS Training sessions to challenge you not only physically but mentally as well. I put together a collection of the hardest ABS training sessions I go through in my own training for you to try. These will challenge and push even the fittest athlete to their limits when it comes to ABS training.

      So if you want a leaner body, flatter belly, and more defined ABS in the next 28 DAYS let’s make it happen together.

      So…what does this 28-Day Challenge cost?

      I always keep it real, so lets get right to it.

      Because of the results this program brings, and the fact we are giving you over 34 video workouts this program is worth well over $68. (That would be ONLY $2 per workout just for the training portion alone)

      That being said, my goal for this program is to reach as many people as possible because it’s truly my passion to spread education and help people not only see results but have fun when they train.

      And because I don’t have overhead costs since this is 100% downloadable, I’ve decided to make this full 28-Day ABS Challenge with BONUSES just $15.

      Why ONLY $15

      I decided on ONLY $15 for a few reasons….

      ~ $15 makes this program affordable for a majority of people.

      ~ Anyone who’s not serious enough to invest just $15 into changing their body in 28 Days isn’t serious enough to follow this challenge all the way through.

      ~ If you are willing to give up running to Starbucks for a few days or skip the weekend movie you can afford to start to transform your belly and your body with this challenge.

      So, if you are serious about making a change, keeping a promise to yourself and taking on a new challenge of working hard, eating right and listening to our advice for the next 28 days. Click the ORDER NOW button below.

      Instant Access

      Promise #1: If for any reason you think my program isn't a great $15 investment I will gladly refund your whole $15.

      Promise #2: If you actually DO what I show you in this program, go through the workouts, and follow the nutrition plan 100%, and you don’t get stronger, have more fun, and lose a single ounce, or inch I will refund your $15. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort in these next 28-days.
      How does that sound?

      The Choice Is YOURS!

      I can sit here and go on and on about the 28 Day ABS Challenge. I can try and pull some marketing stunt and say things like "I am only going to sell 1000 copies before the price goes up"... BUT I am not going to do that. Because the reality truth is...


      I can't stress the importance of time enough.

      The longer you wait to get started, the longer it will take to start seeing the results you want.

      However, if you take action right now you can start your 28-Day ABS Challenge TODAY!

      The time is now, if you don’t start now, my question is when?

      Click on the "ORDER NOW" button below to get instant access to your 28-Day ABS Challenge for just $15...

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      P.S. Remember, you’re getting instant online access to everything you see on this page in the next 2-minutes – all for just $15 today. Plus, I am taking all the risk because remember, you are backed by my 60-day GUARANTEE. Love it or hate it, you have 60-days to try out the program and if for any reason at all, I'll refund your money if you aren't satisfied. P.P.S. Remember, you won’t find these workouts anywhere else. There are certainly other workout programs out there, yet none will get you faster results or be nearly as much fun. Take these next 28-days to see what you can accomplish. Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people! Jeremy Scott

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