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Why should you use bands for ABS?

Jeremy Scott Fitness Bands

By now if you are reading the blogs Jeremy Scott Fitness sends out you understand your abs control the movement of your spine. To go into greater detail we are talking about the L-Spine (Lumbar Spine).

We are not talking about moving the spine, but to control the body’s center of gravity, which is over your feet. Again a reason why crunches and sit-ups are not the correct way to train your trunk and get those rock hard abs.

At JSF we love doing trunk aka abs training with bands. We focus on anti-flexion, anti-extension, and anti-rotation. In simple terms we are trying to prevent too much flexion, extension, and rotation to avoid too much stress of the spine.

If your lower back = lumbar spine becomes injured life is no fun trust me!

Our focus is on placing asymmetrical loads on the body in a standing position (on your feet) to immediately get your trunk (abs) activated.

So if you’re current fitness program does not include any band training and or they have doing endless crunches and sit-ups stop by and give us a try and checkout the bands below.

These are amazing training tools and really get your abs rocking!!!

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