I am Jeremy Scott and my passion is driven by one major purpose: Helping You Make Success Mandatory in Your LIFE!

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WARNING: visiting Jeremy Scott Fitness you risk getting smarter, faster, stronger, leaner, sexier, and a more permanently irresistible body to men and women alike. Please proceed at the risk of reaching your goals and living a healthy, happy, kick-ass life!

I pour my heart and soul into this business and your results; it’s my calling, my gift, and my passion to help you succeed.

In a nutshell, I am a Scottsdale, AZ-based coach, author, speaker, and nutrition nerd who has a man crush on Christian Bale, loves watching The Office, and raps to 2Pac in the shower.

I probably don’t know who you are; I don’t know exactly what you want, but if you’re looking for magic secrets I can tell you right now I don’t have any.

But what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills that I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me the perfect choice for a person like you. If you leave your contact info, I will find you, I will coach you, and I will turn you into the most fit, motivated, educated, successful person you can possibly be.

If you have fitness goals: to change how you eat forever; to make real lifestyle changes; to be an overall healthier person; to get leaner, sexier, stronger, faster, smarter; to drop dress sizes and melt away your muffin top; to make your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend jealous of your new body, we can help with all that. This is where sexy, smart, strong & successful people come together!

The stuff you may or may not care about: I went to college, studied Special Education, and even graduated Cum Laude…..still shocks me to this day. I have numerous fitness and nutrition certifications with fancy acronyms, SHAPE Magazine named me one of the 50 Hottest Trainers in America over multiple years, and breaking muscle.com voted Jeremy Scott Fitness one of the Top 20 Fitness Blogs Online.

I have worked with a bunch of important brands like Vitamin Shoppe, livestrong.com, Muscle & Fitness, bodybuilding.com, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Strength and a ton of others. I am a sponsored athlete with Reebok as well as a contributor for Men’s Health.  I also created the Life-Changing, 47-Day Transformation Program. In addition, I co-authored the Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook and wrote the best-selling book Make Success Mandatory

Odds are you have probably seen my ugly face before, maybe on a cover or while flipping through a fitness magazine. Maybe it was something I had written that caught your eye. Or it’s possible you walked by a giant billboard of my half-naked body at a fitness expo or event. While all of those things are super cool for my mom’s scrap book, it doesn’t mean anything if I can’t get through to you and help you realize you can be as sexy, strong, and successful as you want to be!

At first glance, it might look like this site is all about “Jeremy,” but the truth is this site is all about YOU. You guys are why Jeremy Scott Fitness even exists, so thank you for the support, and if you are interested in living the rest of your life in the sexiest, strongest, smartest, most successful way possible, you know where to find me. Jeremy Scott, Scottsdale Personal Trainer, Coach, Life Changer.


-My Partners In Crime-


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Monica Millage – CSCS B.S. Kinesiology ASU – AZ born and raised Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Coach Monica Millage is one of the smartest, kindest, most bad ass Mother’s I have had the pleasure of meeting. Graduating from ASU with a degree in Kinesiology, completing an athletic internship with the Arizona State Sports Medicine Department and working in numerous physical therapy clinics, Monica is clearly much smarter than I am and also much better looking. I am lucky to have such a kind, educated, and hard working badass like her on staff.

Monica is a perfect mix of education, practical knowledge, and real life experience thrown in with a genuine concern for your health & success she is a key part to the Jeremy Scott Fitness team.

Monica is a mom of three children Caleb, Maya & Coby. To contact Monica email her at monica@jeremyscottfitness.com



Meredith Gray, B.S. NASM CPT 
Meredith is a fitness professional from North Carolina with a passion for movement and nutrition. She has been a coach for 6 years and believes in using movement as a tool for a stronger body AND mind. Meredith describes her training style as simple, but effective while mastering the basics. She loves coaching her clients through resistance training to gain strength, mobility and confidence to enhance every aspect of their lives. Meredith works with adult classes, 1:1 clients and athletes to achieve their goals in an encouraging environment. She has worked with hundreds of clients to transform their life and has accumulated some amazing testimonials along the way. She has success stories for clients working towards muscle gain, weight loss, and training intelligently around injuries. When Meredith is not coaching in JSF, you can find her off exploring the trails, reading, or enjoying time with friends & family.   

Brian Benjamin B.S. NASM CES CPT USAW -L1 

Brian Benjamin is a skilled fitness professional with 10+ years of experience. His approach to training is all-encompassing-considering elements of strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility, but also focusing on mental durability, lifestyle choices and skill development. Brian works with clients to develop personalized programs intended to optimize knowledge and movement capability. 


Jacob Wagner – B.S. Nutrition Bio Chemistry

From Phoenix Arizona. Jacob “Wags” is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Nutrition & Bio Chemistry. During his time at The University of Arizona Jacob worked with the Men’s Football program assisting and learning about sports performance nutrition at the DI level. Jacob continued his education with an internship at EXOS the human performance company famed for working with the top NFL athletes preparing for the combine.