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I just wanted to send out a little message to all the ladies, who no matter what we say always worry about the scale.

I can’t say it enough, nobody cares what you weigh, nobody ever asks me….why? Because it doesn’t matter simple as that.

Take a minute as I am sure this has blown some of your minds………..

Now I am not a women and the ideal image for a man is far different. I don’t have the external stress from society telling me to be extremely thin like most magazines and T.V. shows do for Women.

Did you know……

“Researchers report that women’s magazines have ten and one-half times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do, and over three-quarters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s bodily appearance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery”.

Now take a look below, this might just be a personal preference of mine but this is much closer to a fit ideal image – healthy looking, athletic, some curves, looks like she works out hard out, but also eats real food!


Obviously she is in rocking shape….but she doesn’t appear to be starving herself!

Now I am not trying to say there is any one mold for women to follow, but I am saying don’t compare yourselves to these paper thin girls in magazines, and on T.V. it’s not realistic and Photoshop fools us all at times.

Eat right – train hard- and create your own ideal image – forget about what “some people” think you should look like and set a new standard for real women!  Kick Ass  – www.jeremyscottfitness.com

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