Reebok ATV-19 + Jeremy Scott Fitness #livewithfire

Attention Jeremy Scott Fitness athletes if you are looking for shoes to dominate all terrain, snow, sleet, hail, desert, grass, mountainous terrain I have a special treat for you courtesy my friends over at Reebok – YES the ATV19 + shoes were made just for you!

Do they look a little funky? YES – to say the least they are hands down the most commented on shoes I have ever worn, people stop me at the gym, grocery store, and the mall and ask me……WHAT ARE THOESE?????

I call mine the “X-Files” very space age like I know!!

The specifics of these bad boys……


The ATV19+ brings cushioned outriggers, an irregular lug pattern and a banked feel for earth-shaking traction and high speed stability.

        Full-height silhouette for all-terrain agility, traction, and maximum ground contact on varied surfaces

         Rugged synthetic toe and heel overlays for durability and abrasion resistance

         Padded tongue and collar for supportive comfort and fit for all-terrain challenges

         Nineteen irregular lugs are designed to rip through mud, snow, sand and grass

         Carbon rubber outsole for traction, grip and durability

Now my honest opinion and my month of training in these shoes, besides feeling like Fox Moulder ready to solve any UFO E.T. sightings training with these shoes was great.

Hiking the desert rocky terrain here in Scottsdale was a breeze –they gripped the rock with ease and made the hike easy and enjoyable. I was surprised to be honest, at first I thought they might not be the best for hiking…however I was wrong they are killer hiking shoes.

Trail running on the sandy-rocking trails around the mountains here are probably what these guys are best for. Pushing through sand, rocks, and soil are what these shoes are made for in my opinion, loved them for this and probably won’t use another shoe for trail running other than the ATV19 +.

General workouts they are perfect no complaints there other than every 5 minutes someone asking me about the show, why they are made that why, what purpose the sole serves and so on…..

For sprinting straight out –they worked not my favorite sprinting shoe for the fact that I felt a little too elevated to really just smoothly push and sprint down the track. They did the job with no issue, just not my overall favorite sprinting shoe.

So in a nutshell these shoes work for numerous training styles, if you are talking outdoor training, hiking, running, trails, sand, stone, rocks, mud, there isn’t a better option for a funkier looking one than the ATV19+ from Reebok.

Check them out for yourself and be the judge, if you are an outdoors trail runner, hiker, or someone who just enjoys training and doing your thing on various terrains – GET A PAIR NOW! You won’t regret it – #livewithfire –

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness #livewithfire 

FitFluential LLC compenstated me for this campaign all opinions are my own

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