Life Is Going To Be HARD

Life Is Going To Be Hard….

***Disclaimer*** If you are easily offended by real hard core personal truth told through real words maybe you should stop reading now****

If you’re not afraid of some “real talk” here we go…..

My old man in his old school blue-collar wisdom unknowingly gave me two great pieces of advice growing up….

The first was a simple phrase “tough shit”

He pretty much said this to me anytime I starting complaining or acting like my life was “ too hard” or if I came asking for something I really didn’t need example “Dad I need $20?”  my Dad’s reply “tough shit” …simple to the point and understood by me! 

The other little gem, which I have shared numerous times before, went like this “Jeremy you can wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up faster

Now maybe my old man can take some of the credit for me being the way I am today, but it took me a few years and a few of these speeches from him before I realized no matter what path I took in my life things would get HARD for me.

Indirectly he taught me that Life was Going To Be HARD…

Now flash forward to my adult life, I hear this phrase all the time “It’s Too Hard”

Probably the biggest excuse I come across when we really breakdown all the bullshit and reasons people come up with, at the end of the day it comes down to “it’s just too hard”

Let me give you a few examples it usually starts with “Jeremy………

It’s too hard to plan ahead.

It’s too hard to track all my food.

It’s too hard to make time to workout.

It’s too hard to say no to happy hour.

It’s too hard to foam roll and stretch all the time.

It’s too hard to eat right after a long day of work.

It’s too hard to give up drinking wine at dinner.

It’s too hard to eat right when I travel.

It’s too hard to wake up and train before work.

This list of bullshit is really endless, the reality is whatever your perception is will be your truth. Many of these people believe this shit, they have sold themselves on that reality that it’s honestly “too hard” to do these things and make these simple changes to improve their life.

But the absolute truth is EVERYTHING WE DO IS HARD!

In my mind you have to choose what HARD you really want and which HARD is going to help you and which one is going to hurt you.

You know what else is HARD…… 

It is also hard to go shopping because your current clothes don’t fit and you need to buy bigger sizes.

It is hard to look in your closet and not be excited about what you have to wear because nothing looks good on your body.

It is hard to feel confident when you feel fat.

It is hard to keep up with your kids when you are exhausted and unhealthy. 

It’s hard to be placed on medications for issues caused by poor diet and lack of exercise.

Hopefully you can see what I am getting at here…

At the end of the day we all get to pick which hard will be our hard.

I am not even talking about just eating and training stuff here let’s go deeper than that…

Take my work schedule for example….

Waking up at 4am is hard I will give you that….

Working days that often exceed 15 hours is hard…

Working almost every single weekend is hard….

Never really having any true days off is hard…

However I choose that HARD this is the career I wanted, this is the life I created, this is the HARD I asked for…..

I use to work a 9-5 in corporate America, Monday-Friday, sitting in a cubicle, doing some remedial task I didn’t care about for average pay and while that might sound easy……it was so HARD for me!

It’s hard to wake up and go to a job you hate….

It’s hard to work when you are uninspired…

For me it was hard to have an “average” job…

For me it was hard to live an average life…. 

So, I went out and changed my HARD…..

Life is HARD you guys, no matter if you are chasing your dreams or just going through the motions…..

It’s supposed to be hard……..

The hard is what makes it great….

Almost every great thing you have in this life will take some type of struggle to achieve.

Pick the hard you want……

Do you want to endure the HARD of training and eating right, of do you want to endure the hard of being overweight, unhealthy and depressed?

Do you want to endure the HARD of hating your job or endure the HARD of chasing your dreams?

The choice of what HARD you want is ultimately up to you and only you!

I wasn’t given anything in this life, I didn’t start out on 3rd base I had to work my ass off and continue to do so every single day for everything I have and it’s HARD, but I know how HARD it can be on the otherside….so I will take this HARD with a smile and keep working! 

Now is the time for you STOP-making excuses about how HARD everything is and start taking charge of your Fucking Life!!!


Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

P.S. I thought I should add a shirtless photo of myself, so I did! 

Until next time, eat well, train hard, and be nice to people!!! 


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