Are YOU Making Yourself Sick?

Are YOU Making Yourself Sick? Jeremy Scott Fitness 


Now by the title I might have miss led you slightly, but in all honesty we are talking about a depressing sickness many people put themselves into day-after-day…..this constant self comparison to other people’s bodies!

So your sitting at home watching some award show with all these famous actors & actresses or maybe you pick up the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog or any fitness magazine for that matter. Or maybe your new school and your trolling around Facebook & instagram periodically during the day……

You catch yourself self-staring, admiring, obsessing, and worst of all comparing yourself & your body to those, which you see on TV, in magazines, and blasted all over social media.


You see all these different & amazing body types from Jessica Biel, Jamie Eason, Julie Foucher, or any Victoria’s Secret Angel for that matter….many of you are not fitness models, crossfit world champions, professional lingerie runway women……


And for some crazy reason you look in the mirror and compare yourself to these women, don’t get me wrong bros we do it to….God knows I use to compare myself to Arnold for years when I started training.

Maybe it’s society, or social media, or the marketing of these magazines, major media outlets & companies that make us believe that we could someday look just like this person or that person…

Don’t get me wrong I am all about setting goals, dreaming HUGE and striving to be YOUR absolute best, and that’s the key word their YOUR best…not someone else’s.

What my body looks like shirtless, is not what some of our male athletes should strive for they don’t have my genetics, probably didn’t train how I have trained for the past 10 years and even if they did we would still look vastly different…..


If you’re not realistic about what your comparing YOUR BEST to you’re in for a lot, and I mean a lot of frustration, depression, and disappointment.

I am not telling you to put limitations on your goals or your life….I would NEVER do that….

But at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen the reality of your genetics & your physiology are going dictate how wide your hips, your shoulders, your wrists/ ankles will be, how your abs separate (if you are dedicated enough to find them).


I always wanted to “Be Like Mike” but the reality for me was I grew to be 6’2 not 6’6 and some of the God given athletic ability MJ had I wasn’t blessed with, on same note I was never going to be the next Ray Lewis – I was also never going to play linebacker in the NFL genetically I didn’t have the make up for it…..but I was given plenty of physical gifts of my own just not the same gifts as those guys! 

My point is ladies it’s no more realistic for me to compare myself to Arnold, Ray Lewis or MJ than is for you to look at every Victoria’s Secret model and think that will be you either.

The simple phrase – “LOVE IT OR CHANGE IT” works- but keep it real with that you can actually change – if God gave you wide hips, shoulders, or thick ankles no nutrition plan or training program in the world can change those gifts.


We are all dealt a genetic hand in life; it’s how we play that hand that makes all the difference in the world. Some of us start out with a royal flush – others a busted straight…but own your body and make it the best it can possibly be.


Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else chapters 15 – meaning don’t compare your body sitting on the couch to a movie star on TV with perfect hair, make up, and has been eating like a champ to fit into that dress or better yet some magazine cover that is a 1 perfect touched up photo of 500 that were taken……that’s not real life guys! 


We all have beautiful qualities, characteristics and gifts physically…..

PLEASE know and always remember YOUR value, self worth, confidence, and importance in this world is NOT measured by your hips, waist, butt, or abs…trust me on that!

Until next time eat well, train hard, and BE NICE to people!

Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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