Are YOU pissed off for greatness?

I have an important question to ask you that can instantly improve the quality of your career, relationships, physical body, and overall life.


Are you pissed off for greatness?

Ray Lewis once said “if you aren’t pissed off for greatness, you’re ok with being mediocre”


If you are not pissed off for greatness what are YOU pissed off for?

Or let me phrase it another way – What are you committed to in your life?

Being good?

Being average?

Being poor?

The achievements and quality of your entire life rest in what you are pissed off so either you are pissed off to be great at what you do or you’re ok with “just good enough” 

THE DNA of Greatness is inside all of us!

Greatness to those who want it and ultimately get it know it is the standard by which they do EVERYTHING in their life.

Once you get serious about holding yourself to the STANDARDS OF GREATNESS, you will soon come to find out your life can be anything with command it to be.

Greatness doesn’t just happen, it’s very deliberate and focused.

People with great bodies, great careers, great relationships, great financial success focus on being great in those arenas.


Greatness asks that there be consistency in your behaviors and results.

Asking great questions will lead you to getting great answers…….


Are you pissed off to be in great physical shape? Look at your body. 

Are you pissed off to be in a great financial state? Look at your bank account.

Are you pissed off to being a great partner? Look at your relationship.


Being average and mediocre is easy that doesn’t take much effort!

But being great requires every ounce of effort you have 24-7-365 it’s a constant pursuit of getting the most out of your God given abilities.

No matter how you look at it… BEING AVERAGE IS ACHOICE; no matter if you realize it or not – YOU are making the choice to be average or great.


I personally see NO VALUE in being mediocre, so there is no reason for people to stop and pay attention to you, your work, or your life.

I ask you all today to NEVER settle, NEVER compromise, and NEVER be ok with “just good enough” for your life.

NEVER make the choice to be associated with average, NEVER be associated with being mediocre. NEVER give less than your best in anything you do.

Like my man E.T. would say “BE ALLERGIC TO AVERAGE”


Until next time eat well, train hard, and be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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