The Fabolus 4 Ways to get more Veggies

The Fabulous 4 ways to get more Veggies

By Jeremy Scott



Vegetables are one of the most crucial elements in an overall healthy diet. Veggies are packed with tons of micronutrients that our bodies need to fight a magnitude of diseases including cancer. Veggies are vital to you and your body, every one of us should make it mandatory to get in at least 4 quality servings per day.


However, in my 10 plus years of working with adults and youth on their nutrition habits the average client I meet eats far less per day. In fact a good % of adults I consult with eat almost no veggies at all each day.


It’s this fact that made me create this quick hack list for you to ensure you get enough veggies into your life daily. Checkout these 4 sure fire ways to get enough of the good stuff into your body each day while lighting up your taste buds at the same time.


#1 – always eat your veggies 1st – When you are hungry almost anything tastes amazing. I have made it a habit for years to eat my veggies before anything else at mealtime. Grabbing asparagus and chowing down on broccoli is easy when you’re starving it also creates a positive association with that food for the future. Vice Versa it might be harder for many of you to eat your greens after a cookie. The order in which you eat often matters, so make sure to get your veggies in first.


#2 Forget the Bun – Roll with lettuce wraps – this is a must at my house we wrap just about everything we can in greens. I suggest using dark green leafy wraps collards, romaine or butter lettuce works well. I often throw in a few spinach leaves just for the heck of it, as well as when making burgers, tacos, or anything a tortilla or bun would cover. Trust me the crunch is great and the wraps are minimal if you are a person who is counting macros daily.


#3 Replace Rice & Pastas – one of my favorite go-to meals is spaghetti; spaghetti squash that is. Simply cut open & bake your spaghetti squash pending on size for 25-35 minutes –gut the middle like you would a pumpkin to make amazing spaghetti squash noodles. You can also do a similar take with zucchini making amazing zucchini noodles as a pasta or rice replacement.



#4 Add them with eggs – eggs to me always seem to be an easy go-to for added veggies. No matter if you eat them scrambled with spinach tossed in, or bake egg muffins with peppers chopped up. You can always throw some greens into your egg meals or dishes as a nice compliment. I often chop up asparagus and throw it into my eggs scrambles to ensure I am getting enough of the good stuff.


If you just think outside the box a little, get creative and make eating veggies a priority in your life its much easier and way more fun than most people think. Give these fabulous 4 ways a try this week and see for yourself.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!

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