The Red Wine Diet

The Red Wine Diet ……..SAY WHAT??????


I can hear many of you already saying “Jeremy are you crazy?”

If you guys truly know me, you know I am NOT a fan of bullshit diets! 

I admit, I found myself raising an eyebrow when my friend Art McDermott first mentioned his book to me. After all, telling you to go drink wine in order to lose weight is NOT something I (or for that matter, any of my colleagues) would generally do.

However, the more I found out about the book, the more I realized it was really about a lifestyle and not about drinking alcohol.

As I looked through it, I could tell a LOT of consideration had been given to the “wine” piece of the puzzle. Art’s book, The Red Wine Diet, uses many of the EXACT same approaches I have been talking about – and using – for years!

But, just as importantly, Art gets into the “other side of weight loss”. Things like mindset, stress reduction and the concept of enjoying the process of shopping, preparing and eating food are all here. 

The diet itself is something you can actually live with for the long haul.
I have known Art personally for years now. He is a pretty well-known fitness guy and even though he is a certified nutritionist, this is the first time he has put down everything he has learned in writing.

The result was The Red Wine Diet.

In fact, he was hesitant to call it a “diet” at all. Diets are short term solutions for a long range issue. We always talk about lifestyle choices and their impact on health. Art has done a great job of making lifestyle the actual catalyst of change!

Well, Art can give you all the details himself. Go over and check out the book HERE and see what I mean.

PS – Art has included things like: recipes, meal plans, wine-food pairings and plenty of discussion of how to put your social life into the center of your health choices.


Learn a little more about the book … CLICK HERE

PPS – The book has NOT been released on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter. The only reason you are reading about it now is because I know Art personally. I asked and he agreed to let me give you a jump start on getting the book before he goes public with it!


Check out The Red Wine Diet 


Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

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