My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day……What is the perfect day?


I suppose it is different for each of us…..

So chatting with one of my boyz we got to talking about what our perfect day would look like.

So in a most abbreviated version below here is my “perfect day” as I can think of it today.

Think about it and maybe jot down what your own personal perfect day would look like.

You might find yourself planning and having more perfect days here in the future.


Wake Up Early

Stay Up Late

Get someone to laugh

Smile at a stranger


Improve someone else’s life


Write something meaningful

Listen to some 2Pac




Take a nap

Flex in the mirror

Random group text some old friends

Call my folks

Kiss my wife

Walk my dog

Shoot some hoops

Execute a perfect cannonball

Do something for the 1st time

See the sunrise

Enjoy the sunset

Watch Batman

Thank God for the awesomeness that is my life!

This is what my perfect day would look like.


What does yours look like?


Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~

~Make Success Mandatory Author~ 


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