My Nightmare….

My Nightmare….

I use to have these horrible nightmares years ago and it would be the same dream over and over again…..

It was me working the same 9-5 cubicle, office pool life!


I would rather work 100 hours a week doing something I enjoy than work 40 hours a week doing something I hate.

I enjoy reading, writing, fitness, nutrition and actually helping people in a REAL WAY you can see, hear and feel…..opposed to just sitting on my a** typing reports and going to meetings about things I don’t care about.

Not to mention my work attire (tank tops and shorts) beats a shirt and tie any day in my book.

I never thought about being my own boss, running a business, managing multiple website, people, and programs…. I never went to business, and before the age of 24 it never entered my mind.

I didn’t have a 5-YEAR PLAN or even a real idea of what my life would look like as a fitness entrepreneur…I just knew I wasn’t going to make it in corporate America…..I sucked as an employee, or was average at best.

But for most of my young life (ages 15-24) I bought the bullshit that school, society and the world was selling me.

“you have to go to college, you have to get a “good job”, you have to work your way up the ladder to be “successful” ……you have heard it before and let me say for some people that might be ideal but it’s not a one size fits all model for happiness.

Flash-forward about 10 years later and I get up everyday at 3:50am and basically do exactly what I want to do.

Why share this with you guys?

For the simple fact – I am a basic dude just like many of you; in reality many of you are probably far more intelligent, charismatic and talented than I am across the board.

I have so many character flaws one big GIANT one being “I hate doing things I don’t love to do” if I don’t enjoy something I put about zero effort into it.

Luckily for me another GIANT flaw is my extreme ODC, which can drive my wife crazy but also allows me to excel at things I love.

I got fed up with having what I call the “Sunday Sickness” you know that feeling of anxiety you get around 2pm every Sunday thinking about all the horrible stupid stuff your work is going to make you do.

The takeaway: if you can relate to any of this at all, take 5 minutes right now and step away from your computer/smart phone and just think….


“What am I really doing with my “LIFE TIME”?


I am not telling you to quit your job or do anything drastic if you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


What I am saying is don’t get so busy working in your life you find yourself miserable, worn-down and dreading Monday’s like I once did.


Make sure you make time to work on your life, finding the things you really love and merging them with your work so you aren’t just wishing for the weekends.


Life is far too short to not enjoy 5 out of 7 days each week I promise you that!


If you dig this message or want to ask me a question on how I made the transition from 9-5 to being self employed for the past 10 years hit me up I would be happy to offer any advice I can.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Make Success Mandatory ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness

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