So you want to be Bodybuilding lean?

Hey guys just wanted to touch base on something real quick the pursuit of getting “Bodybuilding” lean. Not necessarily to even step on stage, I am talking about just taking your body to the absolute limit getting into the best possible shape for you!
It’s not just eating perfect for “x-amount” of weeks, training 6 days a week, doing the cardio, cutting the carbs down to almost nothing and dropping water the final few days. The quest to get “Bodybuilding” lean is much more than that, you learn how much will power you have, your level of sacrifice, dedication, and determination are tested to their limits and beyond!

Like I always say if it was easy everyone would do it, but it’s hard and for most too hard to even try. I am currently training a client his name is Cody, I hope he doesn’t mind I stuck his name out there. His goal is to get “Bodybuilding” lean in a short amount of time, I fully believe he can do it….if he endures the crushing routine for the next few months. Once he gets their he will be left with much more than some photos….that will be bad ass by the way…but more important a new sense of how far he can push himself in fitness and every other arena of his life!

Anyways my Mother –Janet, sent me this video below about “Bodybuilding” I urge you to check it out take 5 minutes out of your day and have a laugh at our expense…and if you live this life training and eating you will love it as well……funny but a lot of it is true lol……

I can laugh at myself when it comes to this life style from the outside people probably think we are a little crazy……Which brings into question why on earth would we live this way and do these things? Eating this food, training this hard, giving up parts of “normal life” all for a few minutes of glory and a cheap little trophy or a picture in a magazine. If you have never done it, words can’t explain how this life calls to you. Maybe it’s in our DNA, maybe it’s because I watched He-Man cartoons for years growing up and became obsessed with muscles…who knows…but I wouldn’t want it any other way!
I challenge anyone out there to give it a try for even 2 weeks, try eating perfect for the next 14 days no cheat meals, training everyday never missing a beat….it’s harder than it sounds just 14 days of good clean eating….try it I would love to hear your feedback on the blog or the Facebook page!

I will leave you with this client before and after….a 20 year quest to get “Bodybuilding” lean….Kick ass you guys!!!

 Before                                                                                      After

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