Message from a Jeremy Scott Fitness App Member

Sharing a quick message we received from one of our app members inside a private coaching group. The names are removed for privacy. Thought this would be a good share for anyone looking to be part of a great supportive community like we have HERE

Per our app member…..

“The Jeremy Scott Fitness group has seen my monthly AA coin since March 13th. And this will be my last coin to share until September 13th of 2024.


I don’t do it to seek attention, if you know anything about me, I’m the quiet guy in the back of the room. Besides the monthly coin speech, I rarely ever speak at my meetings, maybe a handful of times in the past 365 days.


I only share this with you guys to possibly help anyone else fighting an addiction.


Last year, at this time I was out of work for 3 weeks due to my kids having covid. I was a full-blown alcoholic at that point but by the end of the 3 weeks, I couldn’t even walk the dog down the street without having a few 100 proof nips slugged down first. Drinking my girlfriend’s wine 7-8am before the stores opened.


12 years ago, I was blowing 5-700 (yes 700) mgs of OCs per day. 1-1/2 80 mgs first thing in the morning to get out of bed. Gross. I don’t come from money; I was lucky enough to get a $23,000 lawsuit from being head butted in a bar. That money saved my life, allowed me to buy in bulk and hit rock bottom before heroin or fentanyl was an option for me.

My brother is fighting his addiction now, I shared his picture in the group a few times, but sadly I caught him in the act in my house and had to give him the boot (I got 2 kids). He came to see me get my coin today and I hope he can find his own path to sobriety and I’ll help where I can.

Please message me on the side if you are having issues. Always available to talk.

Have a great day everyone. Hopefully we can walk tomorrow after that workout.”

Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Jeremy Scott

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