Another day to get it right……JSF

Another Monday….another chance to kick ass on all your fitness goals……

I have a few things to get out to you guys today, but before I get into that take a moment for the late great Jack LaLanne who passed away Sunday the fitness icon was 96 years old. This guy trained all the way up until the end, the definition of bad ass if you ask me!


Due to popular request I have included a few more recipes for everyone, 1 low carb and 1 high carb option check them out if you get a chance. Just click on the recipes below……..

Prograde GrasshopperLemon Blender Cake

For those of you who loved “I want to be a bodybuilder” part 1……well we have part 2 for you guys as well, just as funny and just as true…..enjoy and kick ass today everyone!!!!

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