Find your Switch….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Do you guys have a switch you flip when your motivation goes? I think one of the most important things you can have is a switch that turns an unmotivated day into a killer training session. We all have those days we don’t feel like working hard, like training a certain body part, eating the same foods; this is why a switch is so important.

The switch can be anything, it can be as simple as a picture of how you want to look, a date circled in red, a song, a magazine cover, anything that gets you jacked to show up and work hard in the gym and in the kitchen.
I am no different than you guys, there are days when sometimes I just don’t feel like stepping into the squat rack, or dead pulling 300-400lbs off the ground……I need to flip a switch to get it going.

Below I have included what I use to go from unmotivated to “Beast Mode” in about 4 minutes. Now, I have probably used this video to get motivated for workouts and even just eating the same food day in and day out 500 times…no joke….maybe more than 500 times!

Now I have no desire to be Mr. O, to look like Jay, or even get close to 280lbs…..but I admire the sacrifice, the dedication, and work ethic he displays. So, for me this video serves as a switch and reminds me that any reason no matter how big or small is just an EXCUSE! One thing I don’t accept from myself, clients, or fans of JSF is EXCUSES…they do you and your body zero good.

So, I urge you to find your switch, maybe it’s a photo, maybe a video, maybe a date you want to look good for, shit maybe it’s this blog and the videos and emails we send out…..whatever it is, find it, embrace it, own it, and use it to drive you past your potential!!!!!!

Kick ass today you guys!!!

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