Making Smart Choices……with Jeremy Scott Fitness

If you are reading this you made a smart choice………. When you’re confronted with the junk food, remember the goal; we want to get you as lean and ripped as fast as possible. Now, think about your food choices after you read this today. I will repeat that Please — think about the food choices after you read you this today!

If you MUST have some junk food at a social gathering where it’s irresistible, then be smart — if you can’t avoid it, give yourself the leeway to enjoy it, and take about a third of what you would normally reach for. That means; if you’re going to have a piece of chocolate cake, have a “sliver” not a whole “slice.” Think about it this way why would you busted your ass in the gym? Why would you keep pushing your body to its limits? Just to throw it all away for the temporary satisfaction of food?

PLEASE NOTE WARNING…………. Be prepared for someone to make a comment about the small portion size of your cake so they can justify the embarrassing portion they are about to consume. Your defense when this happens is your fitness goal. When you reach it, you’ll be walking around feeling like a Rock Star about yourself and your health. Not only that your clothes will fit perfectly – if not a little loose. Soon you will see that same person who gave you a hard time and they’ll be asking your advice about how to lose that gut and those muffin tops. At that moment you’ve won. But don’t rub it in. Turn them on to ….lol just kidding!!!! But seriously we would take the referral!!!

Checkout the Saturday morning Boot Campers below who kicked ass today……BOOM!!!!

Thanks Heather, Cody, Elena, Marcella, Kathleen, Christine, Kelcey, and Big Ben!!!!!

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