Angill Before and After – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

Nothing real fancy here today other than giving a big congratulations to one of my forever clients Angill, you can check the sick before and after pictures below.



Angill killed it you guys, she had every reason in the world to just stay average…..busy life, multiple children, military spouse, ect. Many times during her fitness journey she stumbled, made excuses, and so on……..but in the end she put all those things aside and focused on the task at hand. She says she still has work left to do, which is exactly the mentality of a Team JSF member…never be satisfied!!!

So, I want to say congratulations Gill you look amazing, keep this training moving forward girl!!!!

Having seen these before and after pictures brings this quote to mind, it motivates me as I hope it will motivate you……..

“Whatever should befall you, resist the urge to make excuses. An excuse is a lot like a complaint–it insults everyone around you and makes you look silly and weak. Remember, tough times make tough people, and if you can be tougher than the ground you walk on, you are tough enough to beat a path into this earth for others to recognize and follow. That would be a real accomplishment in this world of shrunken expectations and lost dignity. Without struggle there can be no progress.”

Kick ass Angill, I am proud to call you a Team JSF Member!!!!

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