Ask yourself…….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys real quick before the weekend comes up……..ask yourself 2 questions:

1. Am I in better or worse shape than I was 5 years ago?

Then ask yourself……

2. If I continue on the current path I am on, what shape will I be in 5 years from now?

Pretty scary for some of you to think about, the point is to take a good look at your eating, drinking, and training habits….if you think things will magically get better without hard work newsflash…..they won’t……if you think you are “maintaining”……you are not…..flat out each day you take a step forward or backward….there is no magic pill, no magic workout, no magic diet…’s a healthy lifestyle that builds great, fit, and healthy bodies!


So today think about your eating habits, drinking habits, training habits, and sleeping habits….sometimes you need to break away from your own social circle for a minute and surround yourself with people who share the same passion and dream for fitness and being healthy as you do…if you can’t do that stand out in the current crowd you are in…… be the healthy one of your group and dare everyone else around you to be better… me on this sooner or later people will be following you and asking for advice on how you improved so much…………It’s no fun being the fat ass of the group when everyone else is in shape…..think about it!

Kick ass today and be better than yesterday!!!!

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