Boot Camps Booming……Jeremy Scott Fitness

Short and sweet today everyone……….

JSF Boot Camps had a huge day today working with Living Social, it looks to be a great March and April! Reminder we also have a super Special Charity Boot Camp coming up March 19th 9am at GNG Hoops for Multiple Sclerosis  , I hope to see you all there it’s an all donation camp, come work hard and help a good cause.

Also, today I had a chance to chat with Laura Bottini who runs  I suggest all the ladies out there check it out if you get a chance. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, check out the website above and learn more about Laura!!!

Kick ass today you guys and hope to see you this Saturday 9am for the Spartacus 1.5 Camp just a $10 Drop-In at GNG Hoops!!!

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