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Live each as if it’s your last because one day it will be…….

Where are you on your health and fitness journey?

Some of you have seen this from me before, but please do the math it’s an eye opener!

Step 1. Get out a pen and paper

Step 2. Multiply your age by x 365 (that gives you your age in days)

Step 3. Subtract that number from 27,375 (that’s an average life span in days)

I probably have ______________________days left

For me personally it’s 17,520 days left to be fit, eat right, train hard and kick ass!!!

Now obviously this is just an exercise and a guess of where life can take us, but to think I only have this many days left…………I want to make sure I enjoy each one in the healthiest body possible.



Get after it today everyone!

Final Reminder Charity Camp for MS tomorrow 9am at GNG Hoops!

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