Someday Island…….Jeremy Scott Fitness

I know some of you guys have heard me say this, but here it goes again…….

Some people spend their entire lives on a place called “Someday Island.”  You know these people you may even be one of them saying things like: “Someday I will get in shape”, “Someday I will start eating better”, “Someday I will live a healthy life”, “Someday I will be happy with my body” and so on……

Your life is not a dress rehearsal for something greater, your life is here and it’s happening now. Don’t waste another minute on this “Someday” shit I hear all the time. There is only 1 person to blame if you are unhappy with your body….. yourself, so take control reach out  and seize the body and the life you deserve. It’s not going to be easy but I can guarantee you it will be worth it!

Kick ass today!!!!
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So far we have referral from Marcella D., Kelly G., Dianna E., Janet N. keep them coming you guys.
Also, stay tuned for details on our 8 week Bad Ass Body Transformation contest coming in April-May!!!!!!

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