Don't Make this Mistake….Jeremy Scott Fitness

“Most people in the world, they don’t understand. They can’t. They eat instinctively. For me, eating is another part of my life that must be controlled. I’ve had to learn how to eat, overcome my appetite. It sounds messed up, but that’s what I have do to prepare for this. It sucks and I’ve still got miles to go.”

I wanted to share this quote for 3 reasons…….

1. Showing the importance of eating right, without the proper nutrition most workouts are just a waste of time or at best an uphill battle that you never win.

2. Most of us have to re-learn how to eat or just learn for the 1st time. Thinking you need a sandwich because you feel hungry, or thinking you need a cookie, or some chocolate whatever. The reality is you never NEED bread, you never NEED cookies, those are wants and if you earn those cheat treats every now and then that’s fine. But thinking they are a must in your daily regimen is crazy.

3. Think of it this way working out and not eating well is like working all week for a paycheck and then throwing it away once it comes payday. I say this because if you train hard put all this sweat and effort into the workouts, but eat like shit – you will never cash in and see the reward of all your hard work!



I will say this again, you can’t out run, out train, or out work a bad diet it’s the best free advice there is.

Kick ass today you guys on your eating it will define you!

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