Motivational Venting by Jan Ohrstrom Fwd:Team JSF

I wanted to share this post from a good friend, Team JSF member, and one of the hardest working people I know. His name is Jan Ohrstrom and he recently sent this to me and as you read it, it might relate to some of you in one way or another. So enjoy is motivational vent……

“Daniel Tosh said it best, “Haters gonna hate.” That is a mantra that has been driving me since I was a little kid but I have never realized it until recently. Allow me to elaborate- No matter what you are going to do or want to do in life, there is going to be someone ranging from random stranger to best friend who is going to tell you, “You can’t do it” and if you are me, you hear it all the god damn time.

At the ups and downs in….well, at least my life, the haters have always been there. When I was telling friends and family at 6 years old that I wanted to be in WWF, all I heard was, “Why?” or “That’s dumb” or “You can’t do it”. When I enlisted in the Army, all of my “friends” said, “You won’t last six months” and so on and so on….

I am not without fault and I will be the first to admit it. I let the haters get to me, I let them get to me and missing one workout turned into missing 4 or 5. Drinking water turned into drinking soda and then energy drinks and I went from 225 (Army weight) to hitting almost 280 pounds. 280 FUCKING POUNDS!

It took the pain of losing my dad as the ultimate bitch slap in the face to get shit together. My dad (god rest his soul) died at 56 years old. Life can go at any time and when it’s my turn to get off this ride, I will not look back and wish I had done things differently; I will look back like Frank Sinatra and Bon Jovi and know that I did it my way.

So cut to now, cut to me on the scale and 245 pounds with a lot of muscle. Cut to me having been on WWE, decorated war veteran and finishing the book the haters said I couldn’t do. They also said I can’t lose the weight; they try to insult me when I want steamed vegetables and chicken instead of Denny’s or McDonalds…they even make snide remarks when I eat every 2 hours but don’t understand that I can run for an hour straight and they can barely run around the block. For every hater that I serve a huge slice of humble pie, it seems that there are two more waiting in the wings to jump on the chance to bring someone else into their sad mental existence.

Yet, haters gonna hate. They just gonna hate me cause they aint me and that’s not my problem.”

Jan Ohrstrom – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Member – Army Vet- Certified Bad Ass – Personal Friend

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