Respect –

I wanted to touch on respect today and maybe not in the sense you are thinking but respect for your body, its gifts, its faults, its durability, its fragile nature……….

Respect the fact you have 24 hours each day to train your ass off, there are millions of people sitting in wheel chairs or worse who would trade places with you in a second, committing 30-60 minutes of exercise each day is a small investment in your future.

Respect your food choices, you control everything you eat and drink 24-7-365. If you could see what your food choices do to your insides you might think twice, and over time you see what they do to your outsides.

Respect how durable and efficient your body can be, you can push your body further than you can imagine. It has limits but it’s up to you to find them and push them to the brink.

Respect how fragile you are on the flip side, it does you ZERO good to do things incorrectly and use weights that are too heavy for you.  

Respect how hard it is to get into really great shape, respect the investment it takes, respect others who do as you do and work their ass off to reach their goals.

Respect that we are all dealt a different genetic hand.

Respect your uniqueness, own it, embrace it, and make it your fingerprint on the world.

Respect how quick your results can vanish and slip away if you become lazy and complacent with where you are at.

Respect the progress you have made, appreciate it, enjoy it, be happy because of it, then get right back on that road and push yourself to the next level.

Respect your body, your journey, your life, and view it all as a bad ass gift you have the power to do whatever you wish with.

I respect anyone who is willing to put forth the effort to be fit and healthy and make the most of this short precious thing we call life! Kick ass you guys!!!

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