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I just want to say thanks again to all the 10 Day Tighter Tummy folks who rocked it out hard core with us. It goes to show you what putting in a little work can do in the gym and the kitchen! Most of these guys were near perfect eating for just 10 days and the emails below will do the talking. Check it out and stay posted for our new JSF Biggest Loser, Drop a Dress Size in 21 days and Round 2 of the 90 day challenge coming soon.

Checkout what some of them had to say below…..amazing!!!!

My clothes are all bigger!! I ate everything perfectly…. But I will not lie – I had a friend’s bday on Saturday and drank vodka sodas!! It was low cal at least! But I did lose 2 inches on the lower measurement and then less than .5 on the top measurement. Did not cheat ONE time on the eating J I am going to continue it as well as I can…. It’s all good food and healthy and easy to follow. Thank you!

Casey  D-

Dear Jeremy and Dave,

Thanks for having the 10 day challenge! I loved it! I’ll share my results in a minute…I want to do the 90 day one!! In my real estate business my greatest feeling of success is when a client tells me I’m amazing! So, I try very hard to tell people I choose to work with when they are doing a great job and why. You two are amazing! You have lit a fire under me that I haven’t felt in a long time. I actually feel like I can do this and it’s going to work…on the days off I wish I could go again. That’s not to say that I’m not pissed and exhausted during the workouts, but I have no doubt the pain is going toward my success I want to say thanks and I’ll be around for a long time! I just love it!

Ok…my results on the 10 day challenge… I had coffee every morning…2 cups, black (not sure if that is cheating). I ate pizza Monday night (reason? Celebration at my house). I did skip some snacks because that was a lot of food. I lost 3 lbs., 2.25 inches around my belly button waist and 1.25 inches an inch below my belly button..


Lori S-

Hey Jeremy!

I loved the ten day to a tighter tummy challenge. I did extremely well and actually surprised myself! I think the hardest part for me is not having sweets. Any suggestions of a healthy sweet that I can have that can help fill that void?

As for results-I definitely saw results and am very pleased. I am down 1.5 inches off both measurements. I can tell that my clothes are fitting more comfortably and I just feel better all around.

Thanks for a great challenge and keep me posted on when the next one is! We appreciate all of your help.

Holly M-

Hi Jeremy,

I was only able to work out for about 3 of the 10 days but I really watched my diet. I lost 1.5 inches in my waist! Thanks so much.



Thank you for all your support during our ten day ab challenge! Because of your guidance and workout’s I was able to lose two inches off my waist! I was able to follow the diet and all foods with only a couple of small cheats and still received great results! I have to say it wasn’t always easy but well worth it! Like you say “Why go to work if you are not going to pick up a pay check! Because of you I have learned the right foods to eat to stay lean and healthy. Thanks again….. You are the Best!!!!!!

 Mindy D-

Thank you all again keep kickin’ ass and we are proud to have you all as Team JSF Members!!!

Stay tuned for updates and info on new challenges and contests at www.jeremyscottfitness.com or facebook at Jeremy Scott Fitness!

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