Jeremy Scott Fitness 2011 Fitness AZ Natural Championships

This past weekend I had the opportunity to compete in the 2011 Fitness AZ Natural Championships. I have competed in other shows and events, but never a format like the one put on by the Model World Tour. It was a great event, I had the chance to compete and meet a ton of very cool people who are just as crazy as me………hard to believe I know…..some even crazier!

Events like these to me are about many things –making friends, connections, having fun, trying something new, and most importantly pushing yourself to your absolute limit.

I put in some serious effort in the dieting for this event; my goal was to come into this event in the best condition possible with as much lean muscle as I could carry. I was happy with where I ended up it was the best shape I have been in yet……goal achieved.

Let me pause for a second and commend anyone who steps on stage to be judged under the bright lights to have their hard work and sacrifice judged in front of a crowd it takes some serious nuts and I applaud every person I shared the stage with that night –you are all f*cking rock stars in my eyes.

Sorry back to my point……at the end of the day in subjective competitions with judges you are really only competing with yourself –Are you your best on show night? Did you put in the work training? Was your nutrition clean? Did you make the right adjustments to come in peak condition?

My answer YES – I did! To paraphrase Jay Cutler here “I am just trying to be the best J.Scott I can be” and last Saturday night I was, and that was what I set out to do.

Checkout the photos below I will have a video edited and coming out in a few days- thanks again everyone for being so supportive of me and Team Jeremy Scott Fitness- you guys drive me to be better each and every day!!!



As you can see the photo above- pre contest less than a month out from showtime – no tan I know it’s summer and it’s AZ sorry. You can see a little soft, holding some fluid – mind you this was a day after my B-Day where I smashed French Toast for breakfast and had a little BBQ in the evening……Heather made me!



3 Days from showtime here -drinking about 2-3 gallons per day at this point -mid carb depletion and still no tan lol. As you can see the power of nutrition is HUGE!!!!! What you eat reflects how you will look, you need the muscles and cuts to be there so you train your ass off BUT if that diet is not right you will never see that hard work come to life like in these photos. I was very happy 3 days out – my face is starting to get a little thin now- always happens to me for some reason during carb depletion.



24 hours from showtime here- this is as carb depleted as I am going to get still full of water 3 gallons this day- which for you guys and girls out there the more water you drink the less your body holds which in turn makes you look better on a day to day basis in my opinion. As you can see the drastic change in my mid-section in less than 30 days due to eating perfect and training my ass off – even from day 3 to day 1 the condtion tightens up and improves. It’s amazing what the human body can do when you force it to make the changes you wish to see.


I can’t fit everything in this photo that went to the show with me, but here are some of the more important things in my opinion. Some people carb up-carb down- some cut water 1 day some 3 – some load it. Some eat pizza before going on stage, some people candy bars, ect. here are some of the things I use before it’s showtime………it’s all about those simple sugars when it comes down to getting a little pump. Cookies my secret weapon of choice on this night!


Not a bad group of guys to share the stage with – all bad ass guys in rocking shape! Nothing better than getting a chance to talk fitness-nutrition-training with other people who share your same passion and obviously put into practice their love for this lifestyle!!!


There are a ton of photos coming from the event -but there were some out early and this happens to be one of them during the sports theme round they snapped this one – showing the nutrition plan on display!



A little snap shot backstage after the show with my man Richard Gere lol – this is the guy who took 1st Saturday night I had the chance to chat with him for a few hours during the day. Very cool guy -his name is not really Richard but he looks so much like him I gave him shit all night about it! Bad ass guy, in bad ass shape and deserved every vote he got from the judges!!!



Before I forget I took some pics to show the weight drop I had which was HUGE! Also to show the fact I never wear socks that match and I am proud of it! This is for all the guys out there to show you that – the numbers on the scale mean nothing. I had guys at the show asking me if I was around 190lbs in reality I was probably 180lbs at most come showtime. The conditon “being ripped” is what makes you appear to be bigger. So for all you guys out there who are going for size that’s fine if that is really your goal, but odds are you would be better served being a few lbs lighter with a little more definition! Works better for me anyway!


By popular demand everyone wants to know what do you eat after bring perfect for weeks well it was about 9:00pm when I finally got out of the show and Cheesecake Factory was on my mind – I am proud to say I went all out!!!! If you can get past how skinny my face is checkout my 3 course dinner -it was amazing and worth the wait!!!!


A little Factory Nachos to start off the post-diet with……….and I took them all down!!!!!!!!!!


Round 2 Cuban Sandwich and a mountain of fries that went down with no problem at all!


Round 3 a little world famous cheesecake Oreo style with a little help from Heather it vanished quickly!!!


Thanks again to everyone who supports everything we do and stand for at Team Jeremy Scott Fitness – you make all of this possible! Kick Ass Today!!!! Team Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale’s #1 Adult-Youth Fitness Camp







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