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I want to share a story with all you guys from one of my favorite clients Marcella Denny! In short she is a rock star and I asked her to share her story with you guys, because she is x 100 more inspirational than I could ever be. She motivated myself and the entire Team JSF family more than she knows. Check it out and see how bad ass she really is!!!





Between the years 2009-2010, I suffered from severe headaches. I underwent various treatment plans in hopes to get rid of them. A short time after, I was given a cancer scare saying that I might have lymphoma due to my enlarged lymph nodes. Thereafter surgery was performed to biopsy the lymph node to test it for cancer. Luckily, it was negative. Also after trying several different medications one finally worked to get rid me of the headaches. The bad thing was that I was told that being on this particular medication it would be hard for me to lose weight. I thought why bother trying since I can’t lose weight. Then I got to the point where I hit my all time high weight of 237. In November 2010, I went to see my primary care physician Dr Christopher Hiler MD. He told me “yes you can lose weight on this medication.” I was put on a very strict low-carb diet and was told to work out every day. I officially started my weight loss journey December 1, 2010. I lost 20 pounds on my own, but the gym starting to become boring.

I found Jeremy Scott Fitness Boot Camp with a deal that I came across on Homerun and thought this just might be what I was looking for. Before I started my month with him I decided to try one of his Saturday classes. I knew after that first work out that this was what I needed. Jeremy started a Transformation Contest in March 2011 and I knew that this would give me the extra push that I needed. It was hard work eating clean and going to boot camp 3-4 days a week. However, I ended up losing an additional 23-pound from the contest. Now I had reached a total weight loss of 43 pounds, since I started my weight loss journey. To my surprise, I ended up winning first place for the Transformation Contest which ended in June, 2011. I was literally on cloud nine.


Following the contest I went back to Dr Hiler’s office for what I thought was a pulled muscle. I was told that it might be my gallbladder and was sent for an ultrasound right away. While at the ultrasound facility, I was asked to wait in the lobby while they reviewed the ultrasound results. I thought this must be a normal process, but then they brought me back again and said “they found something” and needed to do a CT. I was on nerves that day but followed up with my primary care physician’s nurse practitioner the next day. I was told that I had a mass on my left kidney and they needed to rule out cancer. I was sent to a urologist right away and he said the same thing. After several tests, it was determined they had to remove my left kidney and the mass.


I had surgery on July 28, 2011, and was told the day of the surgery that it was kidney cancer, but they had to determine what stage it was. I ended up missing two weeks of work recovering from my surgery and not being able to do any form of working out for at least six weeks. I received a call from my doctor and was told that I had stage II kidney cancer, but they felt they had taken it all out. It was determined that further treatment was not needed except for a scans in six months and every year after that to make sure that the right kidney remains healthy. I was determined to get my life back to how it was before my medical problems. During this entire time, Jeremy Scott and the friends that I made in boot camp kept checking in on me. It was very helpful having the support system of my husband, family and friends.


On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, I finally was able to return to boot camp. I received a huge welcome back which felt great. You should have seen me on this day, I was dripping with sweat feeling like I was going to die, but inside…I was so happy to be back. Jeremy Scott Fitness is starting another contest and I will be participating to get the motivation back that I had before all my medical problems. As of today, I am down 50 pounds and would love to lose another 20 with this contest. If you need some extra motivation or a great support system, I highly recommend Jeremy Scott Fitness. Jeremy doesn’t know how much he helped me reach my goals. If I can do it, so can you.



Kick Ass Marella you make us all work a little harder each day!!!!!!

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