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Special Blog post today from Jim Bracy a member of our 30 day challenge winning team!! Jim his wife Jennifer and daughter Sarah won the Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 30 day challenge – dropping 34 total team lbs, 8.5 inches off their waists, and losing 15.9% of their bodyfat!!!!!

They walked away with the grand prize of $1,350 not bad for getting in shape – I just want to say again all of you guys rocked out and did an amazing job thank you for being so amazing – Kick ass and enjoy the blog post from my man Jim!!!!!



Crank it in  5…4…3…2…1

Everyone knows that  exercise is good for you but so few participate regularly. I know because I was  one of the many up until a month ago and had all the typical excuses – I’m too  busy, I don’t like doing it alone, and it is sooo boring,

The good thing is that I am  most motivated when I am challenged and the JSF fitness challenge was just the  ticket. It got all of us motivated; planning healthier meals and most  importantly got us exercising together and looking forward to our morning  workouts. Although the challenge has ended we continue to work out daily and  have even greater aspirations after realizing what even a short term commitment  can accomplish both physically and mentally. On top of that exercise improves  your sex life, stamina and mood, I know, I had you at sex life, but really how  many more reasons do you need to get moving?

Why do I choose  JSF?

1)Convenient – Thirty minute intense workouts fit in  anyone’s schedule.

2)Fun – Every workout is something  different.

3)Personal – You are welcomed as part of the family from  day one.

Thank you all for your  support; you have been a positive influence in all three of our  lives.


Now show me the  Money! – Jim Bracy

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