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10 Training Rules to Run your Fitness Life By –

Jeremy Scott Fitness


  1. Pick up and lift heavy shit at least 2 days per week, stronger people not only tend to perform better and look like rock stars, but they are also more  useful when it comes to moving furniture.
  2. Always–question, ask, study, and try new movements, sports, activities, and training protocols each month.
  3. Get up and move your body each day, yes even on rests days – if you are not paralyzed why and the Hell would you want to act like it for an entire day on the couch!
  4. Find a friend, training partner, or fitness coach like – www.jeremyscottfitness.com to learn from, guide you, keep you accountable, motivated, and push you past your current comfort level.
  5. Feel free to puke now and again, if you have pushed your limits at the local tavern or on your 21st Birthday. There is no reason you can’t do the same while training, if nothing else it let’s you know where your  limitations are- Puke and Rally!!!!
  6. Don’t  let your butt become your feet, sitting is to your spine like pizza and  ice cream are to your abs.
  7. The best time to start eating right and working out was when you were born, the 2nd best time is today –this exact minute get off your ass and do it -NOW!
  8. Cheat Days and Rest Days are only taken after perfect eating days and hard ass training days, otherwise your Cheat/Rest Days are called your lifestyle  and you are a officially a lazy ass.
  9. Do what you enjoy, if you like jackin’ steel do it, if you like basketball play it, if you like yoga practice it, if you enjoy running get moving.
  10.  If you want abs – stop reading articles and watching videos of people giving you the secrets to “6 pack abs” “lower abs” “tighter tummy tips” and so on…..the only secret about your abs or lack there of is that they  are 100% tied to your nutrition plan, Yes %100!


Bonus 11. Dynamic Warm Ups, Band Stretching, and Foam Rolling might seem like things from outer space and unnecessary. Trust me 3 years from now every chop shop fitness camp and company will be doing it –so start now and be ahead of the curve for once!


Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Kick Ass Today  – Jeremy

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