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Jeremy Scott Fitness Holiday Survival Contest 2011

Objective: To get you through the tough eating time from November 11th until December 16th and avoid putting back those lbs. you worked so hard to lose!!!!

Starting November 11th this Friday you must start to journal everything you eat and drink each day until December 16th –this includes everything you eat good or bad.

This will be 36 days of writing down your intake –in hopes of having you make better Holiday choices when you eat.

People have 3 choices for turning in their food logs

  1. Daily they can be emailed to
  2. They can be emailed weekly to
  3. They can be turned in after 36 days via email or hand written to Ben or myself no later than December 17th 10:00am


We will have anyone in Phoenix-Scottsdale come in get measured at your belly button and 1 inch below just as a starting point to make sure your waist does not grow during this Holiday eating time.

Anyone who wishes to join outside of Phoenix-Scottsdale please send us your measurements before November 11th.

Summary you guys are required to measure before and after the contest as well as journal all 36 days –anyone who misses even 1 day is disqualified from the contest, I repeat if you miss 1 day of journaling you are out –no exceptions. ……can you make the commitment?

Cost – $36 for all Team JSF Boot Campers, Personal Training Clients, and Online Members

$136 for anyone looking to join the Scottsdale Boot Camp for these 36 days of the contest –includes Boot Camp either MWF or Tues-Thurs. availability pending.  So, if you have friends who are looking to try a month here is a great opportunity for them at a steal of a price!!!!

Included will be advice, tips, and some “JSF Survival Secrets” emailed and given to you so you can crush this Holiday treat season!!!!

The grand prize winner will be getting a 1 hour massage for their efforts – the winner will be picked based on overall food logs –how well did you eat during this holiday season based on your goals.

I personally will be journaling everything I eat for all 36 days with you guys and posting it on the facebook page for you to see and compiling all 36 days for viewing in the blog format at the end of the contest.

Our main goal here is to get you guys through the holiday parties, events, and keep all the gains you have made this far and not have all the early morning and late night workouts be for nothing.  For most of you it’s $36 bucks to be held accountable on your eating for 36 days –which is a small investment to keep those holiday pounds away!!!

If you are interested in signing up please email me or and reserve your spot today!!! Friday is the deadline!!!!!!

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