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Hey guys Jeremy Scott Fitness recently partnered up with a company that believes in getting people healthy and delivers customized meals to your house.


Here is the link:



Is this for everyone? NO…People who already make 100% of their own meals, go shopping 1-2 per week, and don’t mind food preparation wouldn’t have a ton of use for this….let’s be honest how many of us make 100% of our meals?


So who is this for? Just about everyone………..


  1. People who are busy – with work and kids
  2. People who don’t have time to prep healthy clean meals
  3. People who don’t like grocery shopping or cooking for themselves
  4. People who DON’T KNOW what they should exactly be eating
  5. People who want to eat clean, but have a limited budget
  6. People who have limited time!
  7. People who don’t want to count calories and just want to eat and go!



To be honest I don’t mind prepping my food, shopping, and making it……however it would be easier if I didn’t have to all the time!


I also don’t work in corporate America and have kids. If I did and was on the go this would be perfect for me –


Their meals are totally customizable and the food is all natural. The taste is great, cost is very affordable and they deliver to you. I really believe the program is the best available. You can order here:


In a nutshell –if you are shopping at places like whole foods making all your own food – and have the time to do this might be a small benefit to you.


If you don’t eat clean right now and the reason is you are strapped for time, I am giving you the solution right now there are no more excuses let’s get lean in 2012!!!!


Kick Ass!!!!

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