Biggest Mistakes Women Make – by Jeremy Belter Express Fitness Camps

Hey guys we have a special blog post today from Jeremy Belter of Express Fitness Camps in New Berlin, WI. Jeremy has been a certified fitness professional for over 7 years; he is also certified in performance nutrition and kettle bell athletics. He is a former NCAA college athlete and holds a B.S. degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College.  He is an all around great guy and has helped me in business from day 1, so check out his Top Mistakes Women make in the search for fat loss!


Mistakes That Stop Women From Succeeding With Fitness and Fat Loss

  1.  Focusing on cardio for fat loss

Traditional cardio in the gym entails slow or moderate aerobic activity to lose fat.  The problem it does not work for several reasons

–           The body does not increase lean muscle tissue

–          A person can burn out from moderate cardio

–          Repetitive cardio may lead to overuse injuries

–          Repetitive cardio may lead to muscle imbalances

–          Adaptation becomes a negative thing

–          Hormones can be affected negatively

These are just a few of the things that can happen with traditional cardio.  Every effort should be made to increase strength to body weight ratios versus just putting time in the gym.  Any program should have an emphasis on getting stronger, moving better, and increasing the amount of work done in a short amount of time10-40 minutes.

  1. Recovery and intensity is misunderstood

Just because a person loses weight on a program or plan does not mean the long term success will be there.  For example, if a person went to a controlled environment and they had to train like a world class athlete the results might be great at first.  Eventually burn out, fatigue, and/or injury would lead to worse results.  The average person should not train at a high intensity every day and many would benefit from training less BUT with higher intensity.  Gradual progression in intensity over years will always be better than the person who tries to become a fitness model in two weeks by destroying their body in the gym.

Recovery is taking time off from the gym or going easy.  Some examples of ways to continually train harder are

–           Foam rolling

–          Yoga and stretching

–          Low intensity cardio done for recovery NOT weight loss

–          Walking

–          Sleep 7-10 hours a night

–          Supportive nutrition (more on that later)

–          Prayer, meditation, visualization, and relaxation

–          Whatever is calming and helpful for you


  1.  Nutrition is misunderstood

When it comes to training harder and more intense nutrition is a vital component for success.  And if the theory is to train harder and better a person must get stronger and more fit we all need to eat well.  Many times people will come to me saying they eat well.  And they might be eating good but not properly to tone up and improve on their bodies and fitness.

–           Carbohydrates should usually be lowered

–          Protein should usually be increased

–          Supplementation should be used many times

–          Eating well 70-90% seems to be the best way for most people

–          Good fats make for a healthy fit life

–          A person can eat their way out of any exercise program

–          An awareness is of utmost importance for results


So here are the top ten things you can do today

  1.  Learn about the Paleo style of dieting invest in the Meal Movement
  2. Find a quality fitness program and be accountable for a long period of time (hint not a few months)
  3. Focus on getting stress levels down by recovery and relaxation
  4. Drink half your bodyweight in water (example 150lbs 75 ounces)
  5. Cut back on all bad carbs, sugars, diet sodas, and so on.
  6. Use light cardio for recovery not fat loss and performance
  7. Use strength per pound of bodyweight as the main indicator for progress
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  9. Be held accountable to someone and preferably a large group of people
  10. Work like you want it tomorrow but understand it will take longer


Jeremy Belter – Express Fitness Camps

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