ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live – "Power of Protein" – Jeremy Scott Fitness -Prolab Athlete

Hey guys, here is a real quick blog post from my recent trip to the set of ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live. In this quick video clip I briefly walk through the difference between 4 types of protein and the best times to use them.

By Andi Barness –

“According to Jeremy Scott, the Prolab Whey Isolate Protein is the best option for Men and Women it’s what I personally take before and after workouts – (high protein per scoop, 1 carb per scoop full of amino acids) anyone looking for a fast acting protein with minimal amount of carbs, and fats – the absorbtion rate is very high and gets into the body quickly helping fule muscles almost instantly.”

I want to say thanks to Andi Barness for being so amazing and fun to work with once again, and thanks to everyone else on the staff over at ABC for having me back. I look forward to working with you all again in the future!

Jeremy Scott – Prolab Sponsored Athlete –

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