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Burpees! Love em or Hate em!

Or as our new t-shirt line will say…..

We here at Jeremy Scott Fitness thought it would be a good idea to have a nice chat about one of the most talked about exercises here at camp. The Burpees! Lately we have been getting a lot of feedback on how much you all “dislike” this particular exercise and it sparked our interested! So lets dive into it.

For those of you who don’t know what a burpee is, here is a diagram below:


It’s a full body exercise that encompasses both a strength and an aerobic component which is ideal to help spark fat loss and strength gains.  You start in a crouched position, shoot the feet back, jump back into the crouched position and then jump vertically to finish off the exercise. You repeat this for the aloted time or rep count! The great thing about burpees is there are over 20 different variations that make each exercise unique in its own way. Here at JSF we have encompassed a few of them this past month, such as the burpee push up, the long jump burpee, the surfer burpee, and the single leg burpee.

A quick history lesson: Burpees were created by Royal H. Burpee (hence the name) back in the 1930’s as a quick way to assess fitness.  It didn’t gain popularity until the United States Military adopted it as a way to test for agility, coordination and strength back during WWII.  Many different strength and conditioning programs around the country continue to use the burpee as a staple in their strength training programs. Whether you love it or hate it, the burpee is a great exercise to incorporate into your workouts.

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Keep working hard and keep kicking ass! –Dave Dreas – Jeremy Scott Fitness


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