Jeremy Scott Fitness Charity Boot Camp for Team Kade – March 3rd

March 3rd – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness will be holding a Charity Boot Camp at 8am and 9am with the profits going to Team Kade. So, please come out March 3rd – at either 8am or 9am and help a great cause – please bring friends and family as well.

Who is Kade and what is Team Kade you ask?

Kade is the 4-year-old child of Jeremy Scott Fitness Boot Camper Kelly Groff!

Kade was born 4 years ago with a typical birth. It wasn’t until he was 6 months old that we discovered he was not meeting his milestones. Kade was not sitting up, and he wasn’t even able to hold his head up on his own. At that time, we endured many tests including CT scans, blood work on numerous occasions, MRI’s and spinal taps. Even after all these tests, we had no definitive answers; everything looked normal, but clearly was not.

With no answers and a lot of hard work ahead, we applied to early intervention and it was through that early intervention that we found Easter Seals. Easter Seals provided us with 2 great therapists and is helping to guide us along our journey. Currently, Kade receives 5 therapies a week: Physical Therapy, 2 Occupational Therapies, Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy. Thanks to his therapists and Kade’s determination, he has made great developmental progress.

Although Kade cannot speak on his own, he has learned to communicate through eye contact, facial expressions and hand signals. Kade is also able to walk with assistance in his walker allowing him to participate in some daily play. Kade has shown nothing but improvement, but has a long way to go. We couldn’t do it with out the support of our family and friends and most of all Kade couldn’t do it with out his therapists.

Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities like Kade can live, learn, work and play in our communities.

To learn more about Easter Seals and its mission of hope and inclusion, please visit . For more information about Kade’s story, please visit our blog at .

Whatever gift you can give will help – it all adds up! Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Kevin, Kelly, Kaela and Kade Groff

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