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Ok guys without further delay we are announcing the winners of the 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness Transformation Contest!!!!

This is the 2nd year we have put on this rock star event, and let me say it was very, very difficult picking the winners. So many of you put in a kick ass effort and did absolutely amazing things over a few short weeks.  I want to thank you all once again for being great clients and more importantly great people and friends!

Here are the winners of the 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness 8 week Transformation Contest

1st Place –John Scheevel – Winona, MN The week before the contest started John weighed 210.6 lbs. and was at 21.9% body fat. By the end of week 5 I was at 186.2 lbs. and 17.3% body fat. The last day of the contest, John was at 174.8 lbs. and 15.2% body fat. He ended up losing 19.5 lbs. of just fat.

Now this contest was not about numbers, but I just wanted to throw those out there for everyone who wants to know the math- the more impressive thing was the photos which you can see below….but maybe even more than that is the fact John is a college student on a limited budget surrounded by food and drinks most of us could not pass up at his age – truly an amazing transformation John!!!!!


1st Place Winner- $200 in cash, JSF Apparel Pack, 2 Months of FREE Saturday Drop-In Boot Camps –Prolab Nutrition Superhero Package


2nd Place – Rachel Dodge Salt Lake City, Utah – As you guys can see from the photo below Rachel made a huge change to her lifestyle –with her training and eating. She like John has the numbers to back it up as well dropping over 20 total inches. Reviewing her nutrition and food logs week after week, it was nothing but constant improvements. This is only the beginning for Rachel; she is going non-stop all out with this new lifestyle. Kick ass work Rachel proud to have you as a Team JSF member.

2nd Place Winner- $100 in cash, JSF Apparel Pack, 1 Month FREE JSF Saturday Drop-In Boot Camps- Prolab Nutrition Ultimate Workout Package


3rd Place the 1st ever tie – Jen Jackson-Horn & Diana Hernandez Phoenix, AZ

This was too close to call; Jen has made some of the biggest changes we have seen in boot camp in a short time. Overall since starting JSF she has lost around 45lbs –Crazy!!!!!! She ate arguably the best of anyone in the contest, kept it perfect week after week showing if you are determined to make changes you can do it. We love the effort Jen and it truly shows in the photos and when we see you improve week to week, thank you for inspiring us and so many others.

Diana – the photos speak volumes and we have a video coming out soon that will put an exclamation point on her effort. Great condition and showing up with a lean and mean ripped new body to our final day blew us away. One of Diana’s goals was to have her abs showing and goal accomplished – very impressed I was to say the least. You look great Diana, I know it wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it!

3rd Place Winner- $50 in cash, JSF Apparel, 2 Free Weeks Sat. Camp- Prolab Nutrition Platinum Package

 I want to say thanks again to everyone who participated in this contest, thanks to Prolab for supplying us with amazing supplements and prizes packages for everyone!!!!  Stay tuned for more photos and videos of the contest coming out in the next week or so. Also, be on the lookout for our next contest 10 Tighter Tummy in 10 Days coming in April!!!

Jeremy Scott Fitness – Jeremy Scott – Prolab Sponsored Athlete

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