Do 30 Minute Workouts Work? Jeremy Scott -Prolab Sponsored Athlete

I hear things like this all the time in person and online from people…..

“Do Your 30 Minute Workouts Really Work?”

“Nothing ever works for me”

“I wish I could do something like boot camp”

“I am so desperate to lose weight but don’t want to try something and have it not work again.”

You guys need to STOP getting in our own way.

There is a reason our boot camps grew from 1 to over 100 in less than a year – Success Stories are shared, people start asking – where can I get these workouts? And the minute someone see that this is a Program you have to make a commitment to not some get thin, quick fix workout you can do for a couple days and be done …the excuses ROLL in.

I basically hear this…. “I want what she has – but I don’t want to change what I’m doing”

“I want to look like that, but I don’t want to eat like that”

Well, to me that means YOU JUST DON’T WANT IT BAD ENOUGH, you don’t want results as much as you want pizza, cookies, wine, beer, the list goes on….

What’s the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ‎”If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always gotten”

So the whole – I’ve tried everything – excuse doesn’t work.

If you TRULY made a commitment to change then you have sat down and took an honest look at what you are eating, keeping a food log for a week and identifying areas of improvement.

You changed the format of your workouts to be strength based rather than just cardio, sorry folks CARDIO is not the answer it’s only a piece of the puzzle and a small one at that. You understand idea that a fit body is about changing body composition – and you say F*ck the numbers on the scale.

If you do that you Get results! Problem is….people “TRY” – half assed to eat better, half assed doing workouts, for about a week… then life gets in the way and we go back to what we have been Doing – the very things that prevent results.

Are you ready to stop bullshitting yourself?

If not – how much more time, effort, and energy are you willing to waste?

I don’t care if you join Jeremy Scott Fitness Boot Camps or Buy our NEW Online format – but promise me this…..

YOU WILL find a program you are excited about, you feel connected to, and most importantly one you are willing to stick to!!!!

A program is more than a workout,  it’s a Lifestyle that makes you feel like a rockstar and know if you roll with Team JSF 30 minute workouts is all you need!!!! Just make a promise that the excuses end today! Are you ready?

Jeremy Scott – Prolab Sponsored Athlete –

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