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If you couldn’t tell by my recent emails, I have been hungry lately gearing up to take the stage at the NPC Powerhouse Classic in Michigan this weekend, my diet has become very restricted and I have food on the brain. As I write this it’s only making me want to grab some food more and more…..I even find myself at home watching the food network dreaming about eating everything on the screen, sometimes the power of food can drive you crazy.

So for all you foodies out there, the favorite cheat meals of Dave, Ben, and myself. Now we all know that eating clean is hard, no matter how you do it, sometimes you just need something from the dark side to keep you going.

Below you will find the 3 meals that each one of us loves to cheat on our diets with. If you have a favorite cheat meal, let us know by stopping over to our facebook page and post it on our wall.

We love to hear what your guys favorite treats and snacks are! –Enjoy


Ben Novak Favorite Cheat Meal – Pizza and Brownies

Jeremy Scott Favorite Cheat Meal – In and Out- Burgers and Fries

Like I said picking only one meal as a favorite is hard, I am sure Dave can agree with me that Rocco’s Pizza and Bloedow’s Donuts  are close to the top of the list and when we visit Winona they are #1 and #2 no questions asked. I know I preach on here a lot about eating clean and eating for a purpose, but I am just like you guys -I LOVE FOOD. I have been known to put down 2 pizzas in one sitting, eat entire bags of chips at one time, smash 4-5 burgers in a row – I am an over-eater by nature or a “finisher” as I call it, meaning no matter how full I am, I will finish everything on the plate.

My point is eating clean is just as hard for me as it is for you – but if you set your mind to do something you can do it, and reward yourself later with a cheat later to keep that clean eating going.  It’s a battle everyday to make the right food choices, if you find you can eat right 90% of the time and the other 10% you eat like everyone else – you should be doing just fine!!!!

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