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Get Lean Accountability Group

Starting May 1st. Limited Spots Available


Are you looking to take your fitness to a new level?  Do your want to learn how to be in better shape, look better and feel better? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is for you! Unfortunately TEAM JSF can’t be with you at all times and we realize how important accountability is so we have decided to create our Get Lean Accountability Group.

The direction of the group is up to YOU, the members!  Various topics will be covered in regards to proper lifestyles, workouts and all the fun stuff in the world of nutrition! The group will be designed to have open communication with other members for new ideas, Q/A, problems and solutions. Team JSF will monitor and facilitate the group encouraging and supporting interaction!

People involved in the group will receive a minimum of the following:

  1. Weekly online nutrition consultation.

This is one of the most important parts.  You will track your diet then submit it at the end of each week for evaluation.  It will help keep you accountable and give us a chance to make suggestions and make changes to your daily eating habits to help you attain your goals.


  1. Nutrition Guidelines

Each member will be given nutrition guidelines to follow along with a grocery store list.  We will also be providing several new recipes for you to follow.


  1. Online Group

You will be put into a private online group where you will be able to share ideas on fitness and nutrition. More importantly this will be a forum for questions and answers allowing all of us to interact on a deeper level.


  1. Meetings

The 3rd week of the month we will have a SKYPE chat for all members.  This will be a group chat in which we will address questions or topics that are submitted by you, followed by a question and answer period. These conversations will be approximately 30-40 minutes long depending on the topics and direction of the conversations



Who is this group for?

–          People looking to get there body into shape & maintain it for the rest of their life.

–          Those wanting more nutritional assistance

–          Those needing more accountability or motivation

–          People wanting to be more healthy


We are looking for serious people only!  If you are ready to change and be apart of something that will help motivate and inspire you to live a healthier life then contact us today! We will prescreen everyone involved and we are limiting the group to 18. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us TODAY!



Current Members:  $35 per month

Online Members: $40 per month

Non-Members:  $45 per month

Contact: today to sign up!!!!

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