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JSF Member Spotlight – Shannon Corgan

Where are you originally from? I was born in Cincinnati, OH, moved to Milwaukee, WI, went to grade school in Arlington, Texas and landed in Scottsdale in 6th grade. Lived in AZ since ’86, with 4 years at U of A (BEAR DOWN!), and a year back in Cincy.

How long have you been coming to JSF boot camps? I started in September. I can’t thank my good friend Katie Honecker enough for encouraging me to try JSF boot camp. She’s been an amazing friend and fitness buddy to me. She and Marcella helped me lose 14 pounds in the JSF 30 day challenge (Don’t you think we need another one??). Thanks ladies!!!

What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF boot camps and what made you choose/switch to JSF Boot camps? Prior to JSF bootcamp, I was paying for a trainer 10 sessions a month and going to Zumba about 5 -6 times a week. I was done with my contract for my personal training and needed something to keep me motivated with exercise. I’d lost 107 pounds, but was losing all motivation for exercise and healthy eating. I felt like there was no end in sight for my weight loss journey. I hated doing weights at the gym and kept asking my trainer if there was a way to get the results I wanted without the machines and his answer was always no. But…we all know it’s not true! I’ve lost more inches with JSF and am so much stronger today than when I was doing those machines. I am so thankful I found JSF Boot camps when I did, but I really, really, really wish I’d found them sooner. I’d be a LOT closer to my goal by now.

What do you like best about JSF boot camps? I have to say that Ben, Jeremy, and Dave always are encouraging and supportive (well..except for Ben when he’s picking on me to keep my chest up, or go lower on those lunges Corgan, lol!). On those days when you’re discouraged or need some fitness or nutrition advice, they are always there to help get you back on track and give you new options of changing things up in your diet. I can’t thank Ben, Jeremy, and Dave enough for those times when I’m struggling with an exercise and they give me those few words of encouragement to help me dig deep and finish the off strong. I know for sure without JSF boot camps, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try a few new fitness things and take them off my bucket list, like completing my first 5K and hiking Camelback Mountain for the first time. In addition, I have met some great people and have to acknowledge Megan Polynin for her 100% positivity and constant encouragement for always helping me push my fitness to the next level…and I have to say, on the days that she’s sore, I feel at least a little better, because she’s a fitness goddess to me! Come on…she does hand stand push ups and can do real push ups! It’s the camaraderie of all the members that no matter what size we are, we all struggle with our diet and exercise. I used to think all those super skinny or super fit people had it soooo easy. It’s really encouraging to hear from Jeremy that he struggles and doesn’t want to eat as much or as often as he does, but he does it for the results, and it helps to put everything in perspective.
What do you like to do in your free time? What free time ? I work, I work out, and cook all my healthy meals. Who has time for anything else? LOL! JK! I enjoy shopping, and thanks to JSF Boot camps, I have to shop more because I’m losing weight, which does get expensive (but not as expensive as Jeremy William’s tailored dress shirts…haha. LOL! ). I also like wine tastings, Broadway musicals, watching basketball, spending time with my niece and nephews, and San Diego.
What’s your favorite cheat meal? Barros extra cheese pizza with light sauce. But if I have to say a dessert, it’s Graeter’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It is to die for! Huge Dark Chocolate Chunks in a homemade mint ice cream.
What is your Advice for other members? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re starting to get discouraged or not feeling like you’re getting the results you want, talk to Ben, Dave, Jeremy, or one of your fellow boot campers. You’ll leave boot camp feeling 100% recharged and ready to get back on track. – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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