Bring-A-Buddy WIN Money Contest: Jeremy Scott Fitness

Do you guys like money? If not then stop reading right now as this probably won’t interest you much. For the rest of you we are having a Bring-A-Buddy Contest next week for cash and prizes!

This is super easy and super simple- check the Rules Below:

Monday May 21st-Friday May 25th you may bring in as many 1st time friends to try JSF absolutely free, please note they must be 1st timers to count towards your total.

They must fill out a liability form and put your name as their buddy for you to receive credit.

After next Saturday’s Boot Camps are concluded (May 26th)  the client who brings the most buddies will win….

What do you win exactly?  The client who brings the most buddies wins…….

A lap dance from Dave and Ben (just kidding) well maybe from Dave…..

-$50 from Jeremy Scott Fitness

-The New Line of JSF Shirts

-A great Prolab Supplement Package

-FREE Access to the following Saturday Boot Camp.

BONUS-In addition if any of your buddies sign up next week during their visit we will also give you an additional $25 for your efforts.

You may also bring in NEW 1st timers on Saturday May 26th as well to the 8am or 9am for a $10 drop in fee, which will also count towards your total goal.

So, if you want to win some $$$, NEW Free shirts, and some kick ass Prolab supplements –bring in any and all friends who have never been before for your chance to WIN!!!!!

We truly have the greatest fitness program in all of AZ and it’s because of you guys and the amazing effort and attitude you bring each and everyday. Thank you guys again for making this the best job on earth – Kick Ass Today

Let’s be honest why wouldn’t you want to come in and workout with these three sexy guys?

Jeremy Scott -Prolab Athlete – 

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