JSF Member Of The Month – Valerie Weller

JSF Member of the Month – Valerie Weller


Where are you originally from?  I was born in Tucson, AZ, moved to Las Vegas, NV, for my teen years.  I returned to Tucson to go to the U of A and came to Phoenix in 1996.

How long have you been coming to JSF boot camps? I started April last year.

What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF boot camps and what made you choose/switch to JSF Boot camps?  Before joining JSF, I had been dealing with respiratory ailments, including pneumonia, asthma- I was a large couch potato.  The day I joined, I had just returned from a Doctor’s visit where I was released to exercise, was reading some emails and found a Groupon to try JSF.  Talk about timing.  The day I started, my lung capacity was under 70% Oxygen (COPD levels).  Within 6 months, I was in the upper 80’s and this last March, I reached the high 90’s, I was removed from all medications except an asthma inhaler for preventative measures.  When people talk about fitness, they discuss the outside… Weight, how clothes fit, muscles… Here, I’ve found somewhere that appreciates the outside changes but realizes how very important the ones that take place inside are – I don’t care how thin I get if I can’t breathe or move without being winded!  I can chase my children without an asthma attack.  Thank you.

What do you like best about JSF boot camps? I like personal approach.  I like that I don’t need to commit hours at a time to a fitness regimen.  If something is injured or the exercise advanced, an alternative is always provided.  I appreciate the change of routines; I like not knowing what type of program I am walking into.  But, I have to say… I LOVE THE PEOPLE.  From Jeremy, Ben and Dave to my fellow boot campers, I enjoy the interaction, the encouragement, the occasional reminder (smarter food choices or not pushing myself on the workouts), the conversations, be it about the workout or life.  I have friends here that both encourage and hold me accountable.  On my very first day, Carole greeted me with a smile and said something that has stuck with me ever since, “Don’t worry about the workout, just when you think it’s going to kill you and you can’t go on, you’re done.”  She was right.
What do you like to do in your free time? I have two very active children who try to play every sport, I don’t have free time, but when I’m not a chef, playmate, taxi driver, cheerleader, working or here, I like to read, watch bad movies and hit the beach. On available long weekends, we try to get to Rocky Point for some R&R and tequila.
What’s your favorite cheat meal?  Everything my kids love with salsa on it!  However, thanks to advice from Ben, I try to even out the bad choices with some good options.
What is your Advice for other members? Don’t compare yourself to the other members.  Everyone is at a different level of fitness.  Do what you can and remember, “Just when you think it’s going to kill you and you can’t go on, you’re done.” 


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