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A quick blog post today about our youth fitness programs and why we love working with these kids so much. We usually don’t post before and after photos of our youth campers for various reasons, but these guys have done such an amazing job we had to share it with you guys.

The two kids below are Eric and Jessica Willis, they have been coming to us for about a year or so now and WOW have they made some changes. Not only their efforts during workouts and attitudes towards fitness, but there eating and living habits have really turned around. Eric and Jessica really embraced our philosophy on eating natural foods and understanding what good choices are in terms of eating.

Eric Willis -Before and After Photos  



Jessica Willis -Before and After Photos 

I give them all the credit for this, as well their parents who have also joined our adult fitness camps Bill and Margo Willis. They themselves have made some amazing changes in their lifestyles and have clearly passed it on to their children.

I hope this inspires some of you guys to embrace a healthier happier lifestyle as you move forward on your fitness journey. This is a prime example of what hard work and clean eating can do for you if you just put in the effort. I couldn’t be more proud of these guys for listening and pushing themselves every time they come into Jeremy Scott Fitness.

They motivate me to hold myself to a higher standard, I wish I was as motivated and educated as they are at that age. If you guys have kids who need a little extra push or some added education when it comes to strength training and nutrition please give us a call and checkout our youth programs to learn more.

Thanks again to Margo, Bill, Eric, and Jessica for inspiring us and motivating us to be better each and every day. Your hard work is truly paying off in a major way, keep it up! – Jeremy

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