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 Jeremy Scott Fitness Member of The Month

Jay Meade

Where are you originally from?

I grew up on the coast of Maine, went to college in New York, lived in Colorado for 11 years and have been in the Phoenix area for the last five.


How long have you been coming to JSF?

7 months


What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF and what made you choose/switch to JSF?

I was very lucky to have a career that kept me outside almost all the time and I had a metabolism that wouldn’t quit.  I could eat anything and everything and never gained a pound.  About 5 years ago my metabolism started to quit…wtf.  I slowly started gaining weight and losing muscle.  I tried the gym, running, biking… you name it.  I figured if I worked out hard and kept calories low I would get results.  I got results but instead of “lean” or “toned” they were “injured” or “frustrated”.  I saw a picture of myself taken last Thanksgiving and I knew at that point that I was not going to let the downward spiral go any farther.  My wife works with a JSF member (thanks Megan!) and after a quick phone call with Jeremy my mind was made up.


What do you like best about JSF?

JSF has a really refreshing “no BS” vibe going on.  I knew right away that the staff wasn’t sugar coating their image or what it takes to achieve your fitness goals.  Jeremy, Dave and Ben are always accessible, and have given me tremendous advice and guidance.  I love the 30 minute timeframe and I love how dynamic and varied the workouts are.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I have two boys under the age of three; define “free time”….


What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Anything fried.


What is your advice for other members to get great results?

Forget everything you think you already know about exercise and diet.   Keep a food journal and be completely honest about what you eat.  Throw away you scale.   Walk in the door with a defined goal and do exactly what they tell you to do.


Thanks Jay your transformation is nothing short of amazing keep up the great work and we are proud to have you as part of Team Jeremy Scott Fitness. This is only the start of your fitness journey brother!!! – Team JSF

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