Avoid The Average and Be A Little Obsessive

Avoid the Average and Be A Little Obsessive

I am not a fan of comparing yourself to others when it comes to most anything in life especially the world of health and fitness. It really is an individual journey that is never ending and we all start at various points in the road.

With that being said there is an “average”……. your personal average I am talking about. The middle of the road of your own personal full potential….. And that is a place you don’t want to be “Average”

Arnold said it best “The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else” – he dared to be different, worked harder, did more, and stayed motivated 24-7 and I think can see how he maximized his potential.

That is what I am asking from you guys, to be a little obsessive not to a point that you ignore your friends and family. Not to the point where you miss special events and moments in your life, but be obsessed a little with succeeding and reaching your goals be it fitness or anything you desire to achieve in your life.

You should attack each day with the goal of getting better, taking one step further away from average and one step closer to being your absolute best.

I have yet to meet anyone in any profession who is not a little obsessive with being the best they can personally be.

So attack today with a goal of being better than yesterday, kick ass guys!!!

Jeremy Scott –PROLAB Athlete – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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