What are you cooking with? Jeremy Scott Fitness

 I will say this again fat is your friend, and if you have ever talked nutrition with me for more than 10 minutes you have heard it before.  Don’t FEAR the FAT!!!!

So, that leads me to my next question what are you cooking with these days? Me personally I cook everything with coconut oil and I can’t say it enough I put that shit on everything literally!

I cook my eggs, chicken, steak, veggies,  and when I attempt to make pancakes….. you guessed it I use coconut oil.

Why Coconut Oil you ask? Isn’t it just saturated fat????? Yes however it’s one the healthiest fats you can ingest!  The saturated fat in coconut oil is different from other oil, coconut oil is a MCFA or medium chain fatty acid.

Simple Stupid terms = the body breaks down MCFA relatively easy sending these fats to the liver where they are converted to energy……YES your body can use this FAT as energy!!!

Let me repeat that…… it uses the FAT for ENERGY and does NOT just get stored into your body.

Almost any coconut oil you get will do, but if you can try and get an unrefined organic brand when possible.

So this week cut out a few of the crappy carbs you have been eating and throw some coconut oil in with your veggies and protein, it just might be the extra energy kick you need to get lean!!!!

Jeremy Scott – PROLAB Athlete – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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