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Recently I was fortunate enough to hook up with Reebok and try out some of their new athletic apparel, over the past few weeks I have been training with their athletic shorts, tops and the Realflex Transition 2.0!

They come standard with the black or grey laces – I opted to add my own fresh white ones!

Most of you guys who have been coming to camps have seen me rocking the Realflex Transitions a lot over the past month. They have become new favorite athletic shoe flavor of the month. I have have pretty much done just about everything in them over the past few weeks, sprints, jump rope, lifting, riding bike, and even a little running……I know, I know but for some reason when I took them out of the box I got a little itch to go run……melting the streets of Scottsdale in these bad boys!!!!

I have a little clip below if you guys are interested in checking them out for yourselves, aside from being stylish and looking sweet they are a great performance shoe for anyone who trains similar to myself or our athletes here at Jeremy Scott Fitness.


Like I said I have been on a little bike riding kick these past two weeks, and I love these Reebok shorts for riding bike as well as sprinting. They are super light weight almost the feel of thin swim trunks in my opinion. The reason I love them for biking and sprinting is they are a little shorter than the typical basketball shorts I wear and lighter, which makes movement just a little bit easier. I also like how they are so light weight, they let your legs breathe a little more, which is nice especially since it’s been over 100 degrees here almost every day in September.

My new favorite bike, sprint, and honestly sleeping shorts right now.


I also have been loving this Reebok athletic top as well, I haven’t had a chance to wear it as much as I would like since it’s been so warm here. However, when I have been training inside and doing my corrective exercise work it has been great. Good fit light weight not too tight on the shoulders for me, which is important as often these athletic cut shirts just don’t fit right on me.

So, if you guys are looking to mix it up with your athletic gear this month, please feel free to message me any questions you have about the apparel or shoes for sure.

I have absolutely been loving the new shoes, after a few weeks of beating on them they still look like they came fresh out of the box. Thanks guys and “Get After It” today!!!!! #getafterit


Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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