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#GetAfterIt – many of you guys have seen me # this as of late and have probably seen me rocking the @ Reebok shirt as well. From an everyday standpoint the shirt is great – lightweight has that nice stretch fit feel and fits me like a glove.  But I want to venture a little off track here and talk about my month and my motivation level heading into 2013……

From the mountain tops getting after it on my day OFF

I want to go deeper than talking about a piece of clothing on this, while it is just a t-shirt it’s also a mantra “Get After It” – when you put this shirt on it’s making a statement about you and you’re training. You are letting everyone around you in the gym, weight room, spin class, hiking the mountain that you have one goal and that’s to get after your workout!

It may just be a simple t-shirt but Clark Kent simply put on a cape and……BOOM Superman appeared.

My point is when I wear this shirt hiking Camelback Mountain or Deadlifting heavy ass weight in the gym – I think of the mantra it carries on the back – “Get After It” – it’s a little extra push, an added kick in the butt to do more, to be better, to #getafterit – You should feel a responsibility to yourself to get the most out of each day, and feel apart of the #getafterit army when you throw this shirt on.

In a few short weeks I am competing in the NPC Western Regional and have been training in hyperdrive with my favorite female training partner my dog Jacey!

As strange as it sounds simply wearing this #getafterit across my back as given me an extra gear to push to on intense training days. I look forward to the competition and welcome the hard work I still have to do. While I am not a HUGE cardio fan – I have been getting up extra early to give Jacey a little morning cardio session around the neighborhood.

These early morning sessions are in addition to our weekly sprint sessions to torch fat for me and to tire her out so she doesn’t stay up all night. The point I am trying to make here is sometimes we need a little external motivator to kick it up a notch, an outside challenge to be better then we were the day before. While for me it’s stepping on stage trying to look my absolute best, for you it may be setting a goal to drop a dress size or look good for a vacation…..or it may simply be throwing on a shirt with a #getafterit on the back to remind you of what you want to accomplish when you train.

Think about it this way – when you throw on a shirt that thousands of people wear  to train in that says “Get After It” do you feel like driving through a fast food lane or training your ass off to be the best version of yourself possible?

Find a training partner who pushes you to #getafterit

I rest my case – Get After It today guys and if you are interested in grabbing a shirt for yourself here are some sexy women’s @ Reebok #getafterit tees – Reebok Women’s Shirts


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can motivate us to be the best we can possibly be, for me  this month it’s a simple little # – that says “GET AFTER IT” – I know we always want to think we give 100% on every workout, and that every workout is our absolute best, but sometimes we need an extra push to get their maybe this can be yours too!

– Jeremy Scott- Jeremy Scott Fitness-

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