Glass Half Full – Jeremy Scott

I want to touch on something that is not all that fitness related. It’s about how you view your life and things that happen to you, and with every event you can see the positive or you can dwell on the negative.

To make a long story short my car was burglarized yesterday in broad day light, smashed in my window and stole my phone, wallet, I.D., credit cards, debit cards, laptop and a stash of some PROLAB supplements and shirts…I guess they wanted to get into shape!

So, now I am without a car for a few days, changing all my bank accounts over personal and business, canceling all credit cards and dealing with the fraud department as these criminals used my card at several gas stations within 60 minutes of the theft.

But more than the money and the inconvenience of it all, it’s feeling violated and having someone know where you live, have access to your phone and all the images you have captured with friends and family over the life of your phone. I have never been burglarized before and I have to admit it’s more unsettling than I anticipated it to be.

At first I admit and even a part of me right now wants to go ground and pound to the people who violated my privacy and stole from me. I think that is a natural feeling for anyone in my position.

However, the odds of that happening are slim and I need to look at the glass half full here. I doubt they stole my I.D. and credit cards to pay them off, which would be nice as I just put a new washer and dryer on them, but I don’t think they will be doing that foe me……. so what good could I see in this situation????

On the bright side I was only a few miles from home and not in some strange city with NO phone, I.D. and money…, which would have been substantially worse.

I was able to have Heather come help me out quickly enough to cancel my credit cards before too much damage was done, I was also fortunate enough to be close to Verizon so I could get a new phone and shut down my stolen one.

At the end of the day it’s a big financial hit and a major inconvenience as well as an invasion of privacy. However, for the most part it’s just the money and material items that were lost and I can always work my ass off and make more money. It’s not life or death and honestly I am fortunate enough to drive a nice car, have cash in my wallet, use an iPhone and have a laptop computer.

So at the end of the day I am better off than a large percentage of people with or without the things I just had taken from me. One of my PROLAB teammates Colleen Casey posted this the other day and it’s the 1st thing I thought of after I got over my initial anger. It’s given me some perspective over the past two days and taught me a valuable lesson….(never leave your stuff in your car) no honestly it reminds me that material things are just that “things” and they can always be replaced!

Have a kick ass day and remember in almost every situation there is a positive and negative way to look at it, try and do your best to see the upside in everything you do. I know I am and will continue to do so!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – PROLAB Athlete

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